Thursdays in February
Islam and the Struggle for Black Power

Our Third Annual Black Power/White Churches Film Series

Films begin at 6:30pm in the Admiral Church Sanctuary
Popcorn and soda provided, free admission, with discussion to follow each film

February 15: The Hate that Hate Produced (1959)
February 22: The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 (2011)

Sunday, February 18

Meet the Artist: Linda McClamrock

12:00- 1:00pm at Admiral Church

Come see Linda's lovely bird collage exhibit at Admiral Congregational Church, and meet her in person to learn more about her beautiful, carefully crafted works of art. All are welcome, with coffee provided.

For more info, see: https://www.facebook.com/LindaMcClamrockRecycledPaperCollage/

Sunday, February 25

Bystander Intervention Workshop

2:00- 3:30pm at Admiral Church
--To Register, email officemgr@admiralchurch.org--

Upcoming Workshops in 2018:
Sunday, May 20
Sunday, September 16

Read the West Seattle Blog's article here

Tuesday, March 6

Freedom, Faith, & the 12 Steps (Part 1)

7:00-8:00pm at Admiral Church

Instead of seeing the 12 Steps as applying only to addiction, Richard Rohr invites us to see them as a faithful path for Christians out of “stuck” thinking and  into God’s liberation.

We will gather together to think deeply about what it means to follow Jesus and what it means to be free, drawing on Rohr’s teachings and Pastor Andrew’s sermons throughout Lent.

Part 1 covers the first half of Rohr's book (Introduction - Chapter Six & Steps 1-6)

Tuesday, March 27

Freedom, Faith, & the 12 Steps (Part 2)

7:00-8:00pm at Admiral Church

Part 2 covers the second half of Rohr's book (Chapter Seven - Conclusion & Steps 7-12)





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            -10:30am Worship

            - 12:00pm Sermon Talk-Back


            - 1:30-3:00pm  Pastoral Office Hours at the Admiral Bird

           - 7:00- 8:30pm Choir Rehearsal (September through June)


           - 10:30- 11:30am  Fireside Chat with Pastor Andrew at

              Brookdale Admiral Heights

           - 1:30- 2:45pm Bible Study at The Kenney

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Small Groups And Ministries

For more information on any of these groups, please contact the office: officemgr@admiralchurch.org

Women's Book Club

- A monthly gathering on Monday evenings to discuss current books of interest, this group is open to all regardless of how far you actually made it through the monthly selection!

Writing and Prayer Group

- Interested in developing your skills in expressive/creative writing? Excited by the opportunity to create prayers for use in our weekly worship services? Come join us for our monthly evening meetings to share our writing and discuss what makes it effective.

Kainos Arché Alternative Worship Design

- Admiral UCC offers occasional weekday evening worship services to celebrate significant events in the liturgical year (Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Ascension Day, and the Longest Night). Kainos Arché is a Greek phrase which means "new beginnings", representing this group's commitment to thinking creatively about what makes worship engaging, thoughtful, and personal for parishioners. We meet weekly in the month before our upcoming service to brainstorm creative ideas and structure the service for inclusivity and impact.

Cutting Edge Art Group

- We use tissue paper, cardboard, glue, and paint to create dramatic, inexpensive works of art. No experience or “artistic talent” (whatever that means) required! You will learn basic skills and design techniques you can use to create your own projects as well! Contact the office for current meeting times/dates.

Outreach and Service Team

- Admiral UCC supports a number of community organizations and events throughout the year to provide needed aid locally and nationally. Our Outreach and Service Team helps to identify priorities for our congregation and the best strategies for effective mobilization of our members and the community.

Music Advisory Committee

- Music is a big part of worship and community life here at Admiral. The choir is one of our strongest internal ministries, and our staff is exceptional. This group gathers to help support the music ministry of our church, offer suggestions and creative ideas for the future, and coordinates events such as neighborhood sing-alongs, Christmas caroling, and other music programming that reaches beyond our worship.

Fundraising and Events Committee

- Part of our work as a neighborhood church is to help people connect, and there is no better way than through events which invite people in and let them know what we are all about. Our BINGO Nights are the newest contribution of the FEC, and more is on the way.