Whether you've been in church your whole life, you left church in your
youth, or you've never been part of a faith community, you are welcome
here! Let's find out what we can do together here in West Seattle.
Worship: Sundays at 10:30 am
An Open and Affirming Congregation (Connecting)
We actively seek to expand our welcome to all peoples, regardless of their
sex, sexuality, race, gender identity, social location, economic or
immigration status, theology, or history. We humbly recognize the
challenge of this commitment and we eagerly anticipate change as we grow
and learn.
Act as a community resource, both as a physical space and as a
spiritual center, by reaching out to individuals and organizations
consistent with our values.
Demonstrate our hospitality by providing full and inclusive accessibility
Express our identity in the public sphere through visible acts of
solidarity and invitation.

A God Is Still Speaking Congregation (Calling)
We recognize the Hebrew Bible and New Testament as our sacred Scriptures,
and as such we expect them to speak to our lives today, in the 21st
century. We question their content and wrestle with their challenges,
welcoming and encouraging both doubt and faith. We affirm that it is in
this wrestling that our commitment to the historical faith and the present
community are and will be deepened.
Engage historical symbols of faith and apply them to modern life
Explore opportunities to express our understandings of faith in action
Examine our institutions in terms of the call God has placed on our

An Authentic Relationship Congregation (Continuing)
We desire to be in meaningful, mutually supportive relationships with one
another. We believe that the core of Jesus' message was to learn to love
others the way God loves us, and we are learning to do so both within and
outside of our church community.
Support mutual growth and wellness through small group and whole church
Create an empowering atmosphere of welcome where individuals are
encouraged to share their personal gifts in community
Intentionally and consciously renew a space where it is safe to be

Upcoming Events
March 1
, Ash Wednesday Alternative Worship Service, 7PM

March 23, Thursday, 6:30 - 8:30PM, Moms Demand Action, in the sanctuary
April 7, Sunday, 10:30AM Palm Sunday
April 14, Sunday, 10:30AM Easter Sunday
May 6, Saturday, 5PM, Boy Scouts Rummage Sale at Admiral

Admiral Congregational United Church Of Christ

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Admiral Congregational United Church of Christ

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