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offering worship services of celebration that


uphold God's acts
& make God's will known


thus opening us to the leading of the Holy Spirit


Each first and third Sunday we gather outside on the church lawn

for in-person worship. These services are also livestreamed.

Second, fourth, and fifth Sundays we gather inside our building

for in-person worship. These services are also livestreamed.

July 25, 10:30AM

Unhurried Urgency -
Grounded Amidst Overwhelm

Mark 7:24-30
(The Syrophoenician Woman's Faith)

Following Worship...

Coffee Hour/social time outdoors on the church lawn.


The Gospel of John, written at a turning point in Christian history, articulates the new and renewed symbols of faith and presence for followers of the Way. Instead of relying on the Last Supper story,
John’s Gospel lays out the purpose and power of eucharist through the “bread of life” discourse in chapter 6. Jesus encounters a crowd hungry for food, and He offers them a vision for true satisfaction. We are invited to bring our deep hunger, our abiding longing, our enduring desire for fulfillment; we bring our whole selves to the table, and we find it overflowing with abundance.

August 1, 10:30AM

John 6:24-35
How We Tell Our Story Matters

August 8, 10:30AM

John 6:35, 41-51
How We Practice Unity Matters

August 15, 10:30AM

Guest Preacher

August 22, 10:30AM

John 6:51-58
How We Welcome Transformation Matters

August 1, 10:30AM


John 6:56-69
Where We Place Our Trust Matters


April 4, 10:30AM | Easter Sunday

Resurrection Somehow: Clinging to Jesus

Mark 16:1-8

May 2

Rooted in Love

Psalm 1


In today's world it is hard to find a person who isn't anxious and in a hurry. Most of us have to steal away for a few days to experience something akin to peacefulness, only to return to the rush of life as usual. Mark's Gospel offers us a vision of Jesus that is at once both deeply urgent about the coming Kingdom of God and at the same time frustratingly calm about its imminent arrival. Perhaps we can learn a thing or two by paying attention to how He holds that tension.

June 6, 10:30AM

New Meaning of Family
Mark 3:20-35
(Jesus and Beelzebul & The True Kindred)

June 13, 10:30AM
Incomprehensible Expectations
Mark 4:26-34
(The Use of Parables)

June 20, 10:30AM

Swamped and Still
Mark 4:35-41
(Jesus Stills the Storm)

June 27, 10:30AM

Taking the Time to Kneel
Mark 5:21-43
(A Girl Restored to Life & a Woman Healed)

July 4, 10:30AM

Forsaking Honor for Solidarity
Mark 6:1-13
(The Rejection of Jesus & the Mission of the 12)

July 11, 10:30AM

False Absolution - Shifting the Blame
Mark 6:14-29
(The Death of John the Baptizer)

Recording not yet available

July 18, 10:30AM

Shepherds Need A Shepherd, Too
Mark 6:30-34,53-56
(Feeding and Healing the Masses)

Recording not yet available

July 25, 10:30AM

Unhurried Urgency -
Grounded Amidst Overwhelm

Mark 7:24-30
(The Syrophoenician Woman's Faith)