offering worship services of celebration that


uphold God's acts
& make God's will known


thus opening us to the leading of the Holy Spirit


Worshiping together in person each Sunday morning at 10:30AM 

Join us in our sanctuary

at 4320 SW Hill St

in North Admiral, West Seattle.

Masks and distancing required.

(Outdoor services have been discontinued.)




All worship services are also livestreamed.*

October 10, 10:30AM

Objectivity vs. Uniqueness 

after worship Sunday in our sanctuary. (Unfortunately we're unable to livestream the concert.)


September 12

Individualism vs. Community

September 19

Defensiveness vs. Vulnerability

September 26

Sense of Urgency vs. Sense of Trust

October 3

Belief In One Right Way vs. Investment in Diversity 

October 10

Objectivity vs. Uniqueness 

October 17

Right to Comfort vs. Responsibility to Compassion 

October 24

Either/Or Thinking vs. Complexity and Plurality 


September 5, 10:30AM

guest preacher: Rev. Jennifer Castle


Mark 7:24-37

April 4, 10:30AM | Easter Sunday

Resurrection Somehow: Clinging to Jesus

Mark 16:1-8


The Gospel of John, written at a turning point in Christian history, articulates the new and renewed symbols of faith and presence for followers of the Way. Instead of relying on the Last Supper story,
John’s Gospel lays out the purpose and power of eucharist through the “bread of life” discourse in chapter 6. Jesus encounters a crowd hungry for food, and He offers them a vision for true satisfaction. We are invited to bring our deep hunger, our abiding longing, our enduring desire for fulfillment; we bring our whole selves to the table, and we find it overflowing with abundance.

August 1, 10:30AM

John 6:24-35
How We Tell Our Story Matters

August 8, 10:30AM

John 6:35, 41-51
How We Practice Unity Matters

August 15, 10:30AM

Rev. Bianca Davis-Lovelace

August 22, 10:30AM

John 6:51-58; Isaiah 56:1-7
How We Welcome Transformation Matters

August 29, 10:30AM


John 6:56-69 

Where We Place Our Trust Matters