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uphold God's acts
& make God's will known


thus opening us to the leading of the Holy Spirit




Worship with us Sundays @10:30AM

In person at our church building in the North Admiral neighborhood of West Seattle.

October 2022 Worship Series  | 

"What Are We Talking About When We Talk About Faith?"


Rev. Andrew Conley-Holcom

Have you ever felt like the very concept of faith seemed hard to pin down? Like, is faith something you have, something you do, or something else entirely? As a person of faith, am I preserved from doubt and depression? Am I supposed to be comforted by my past experiences of clarity? Or am I responsible for putting on a happy face because I “know” something I might not feel at the moment? Is faith a performance for  others/myself/God, is it an experience or feeling I am caught up in, is it a certainty in the face of the ever-changing world, is it consistent for all people or so deeply personal it doesn’t make sense to talk about it as if it could be? 


This month, I want us to talk about what we mean by faith, what our experiences of faith have been, and what we expect from our faith. As followers of Jesus, I think we have a sacred duty to examine the meaning of this word for ourselves.


...In Peace, Pastor Andrew


October 2  - 

“Talking About Obedience"

In You, We are One

October 9  - 

“Talking About Worthiness"

Healing River of Spirit

October 16  - 

Rev. Dr. Donald Schmidt leads worship

Jesus  Describes a Forceful Woman

October 23  - 

“Talking About Judgment"

Soon and Very Soon

October 30  - 

“Talking About Repair"

People Get Ready

September Worship Series  | 

"Letting Go of Control"


Rev. Andrew Conley-Holcom

In September we will concentrate on what Jesus asks us to surrender to God so that we can enter into flow with Spirit. While often this may seem like letting go of concrete and tangible things (resources, careers, relationships, etc.), most often what we need to let go of are beliefs that demand we exert some measure of control over the outcomes of life. What if following Jesus is actually about letting go of our desire to control how things work out, and instead being purposeful about what we put in? What if process was more important than product? We are not called to build exclusive, wealthy, satisfied churches, but instead called to be dependent on God for the Kingdom to come.

September 11  - 

“We're Not Going to Be an Exclusive Church"

The Joy of Finding and Reunion

--recording unavailable--

September 18  - 

“We're Not Going to Be a Wealthy Church"

The Shrewd Manager and Mammon

September 25  - 

“We're Not Going to Be a Satisfied Church"

The Rich Man and Lazarus