service opportunities

This is where our Outreach and Mission Team will be sharing information on service opportunities, including special offerings and ways to participate in local areas of need. 

Our goal is to collect 2,500 pounds of

child-friendly food (or cash equivelant*)

So far, we have 1888 pounds >

1888 lbs

*$1 = 1.79 lbs of food

To give online, simply select the "Food Drive" option at the DONATION button in the top right corner

Your generosity is appreciated (and of course monetary donations provide the most flexibility.)

Please watch those dates on donated items.

Pastor Andrew and Cori Luckenbusch (owner of the Bebop Waffle shop) are leading this group and creating more community engagement spaces around gender, sexuality and Beloved Community here in North Admiral throughout the year. 


For more than 50 years, PFLAG has been providing peer-to-peer support, publications, toolkits, and other resources to make sure that the family members of people who are LGBTQ+ get the support they need.


To give online, simply select the "Special UCC Mission Offering" option at the DONATION in the upper right corner

The Strenghten the Church Offering supports the expansion of ministry and growth of UCC  local congregations. Your support of this offering will help the UCC fulfill on its commitment to creating a just world for all by investing in new ministries and practices that meet the emerging needs of local communities. 


As God calls our congregations to be the church in new ways, your generosity will plant new churches, awaken new ideas in existing churches and develop the spiritual life in our youth and young adults. 


Donations to the Strengthen the Church Offering will be divided equally between the National UCC and the Pacific Northwest Conference.

Devasting Hawaiian Wildfires


This photo shows the Waiola Church fellowship hall in Lahina engulfed in flames.


Severe wildfires have recently burned portions of the Big Island and Maui. The Big Island fires were on the Kohala Coast north of Puako near the Kohala Ranch and Mauna Kea neighborhoods.

The most severe fires were on the island of Maui, where much of Lahina was destroyed and the death toll has reached 99 and is rising.

The Hawaii Conference UCC has encouraged local churches to respond to the need. Churches and individuals may now make donations to the Hawai'i Disaster Relief Fund specifically for those people and areas devastated by the wildfires [link to the left] as well as to the national UCC disaster relief fund [links to the right.] 

The Transportation Ministry is an effort to ensure that everyone who wants to attend can attend. If you would like a ride to any church event and activitie (or are available to provide a ride) please contact Peggy Rich

or call (206)460-3021 and she will arrange your transportation. We want you to be able to attend any church activity that interests you!