Admiral Church & Operation Nightwatch
--Frequently Asked Questions--

What is going on at Admiral Church???

- We are planning to partner with Operation Nightwatch to offer warm, safe shelter for up to ten men experiencing homelessness this winter (the program will begin within the next couple months). 


Why only 10? Why only men?

- Nightwatch meets a specific need in Seattle; there are other service providers that focus on women and children. By partnering with Seattle churches to house small cohorts of men, Operation Nightwatch can find more placements for more people with less impact on the communities offering support.


Will this be a rotating group of men, or the same ones each night?

- After a few weeks, Nightwatch expects that a core group will solidify for whom the long drive and the church setting feel comfortable, and there will end up being a "cohort" of guests who regularly stay at our church each night.


What are the hours these guests will be on-site?

- After an evening meal at Nightwatch's headquarters near the Central District, guests will board a bus and arrive at Admiral Church around 9:45pm. They will sleep in our sanctuary and board the bus back downtown at 6:30am the following morning.


How will they get to and from the church property?

- Nightwatch, with funding from the Boeing Employees Community Fund, has purchased an airporter-type bus to transport the guests to and from their downtown facility. Guests will need to check in and board the bus downtown in order to be granted access to Admiral Church's facility, and are required to leave together in the morning.


What kind of screening will they go through?

- Every guest will have passed a Washington State background check, have proof of vaccination, undergo a temperature scan, and be sober before they board the bus downtown. They will not be allowed to bring weapons, alcohol, or drugs onto church property. Non-compliance will result in the guests losing their spot in the program.


How will this affect the neighborhood?

- If everything goes as expected, this program will be all but invisible to the North Admiral neighborhood. The guests have a final "smoke break" just before 11pm, when they will come inside and remain within the building until they leave at 6:30 in the morning, well before the first teacher at A Child Becomes Preschool arrives.


What kinds of security protocols will be in place?

- A Nightwatch staff person will be onsite and awake each night, logging updates every half-hour and doing sweeps of the building. They are authorized to terminate a guest's right to participate in the program and call the police if problematic behavior occurs.


Will the guests be permitted to leave the building during the night?

- Guests will arrive around 9:45pm and set up their sleeping arrangements within the Admiral Church sanctuary. They will be allowed to go outside to smoke before 11pm, at which time they will be required to stay inside until they leave in the morning. The doors will be locked, and anyone who leaves the building will be forfeiting their spot in the program.


If the neighbors have concerns, what should they do and who should they contact?

- In case of emergency, call 911. If you have non-emergency questions or concerns, fill out the form on this page, or reach out to our Church office at 206-932-2928 or email


How will the church prevent an encampment from developing outside the building?

- Admiral Church will not be advertizing itself as a shelter facility, and any requests for housing will be passed on to Operation Nightwatch. No aid will be distributed from the building during Nightwatch program hours, and trespassing on church property will be treated as a crime. This neighborhood (and all of Seattle) is no stranger to the occasional person living outside. We do not forsee this partnership encouraging an increase in trespassing on our property, as there will be no assistance given to people who are not screened guests of Nightwatch.


Will the church be compensated for this partnership?

- Nightwatch will compensate the church for consumables (toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap), increased utilities (electricity, water), and any damage that may occur. This is a ministry partnership of Admiral Church, not a money-making venture.


What about hygiene issues?

- The on-site Nightwatch staff person will be responsible, with help from the guests, for sanitizing and tidying the bathrooms each morning. The guests will stack their own sleeping mats and bag their blankets, which will be laundered weekly. Nightwatch will provide twice-monthly carpet cleaning for the sanctuary as needed.




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