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Theology Thursdays

Fourth Thursdays, 3:00PM
Free Lecture and Q&A with Deep Thinkers

The SOS Stories program is a confidential circle designed to hold space for both our intimacy and our disconnection from our Higher Power.


We believe that separation from God is an illusion, yet at various times in our lives it feels very real and overwhelms us all in different ways. We gather together for one primary purpose: to help people who want to heal, strengthen, and deepen their relationship with their Higher Power.


We do this by welcoming and giving comfort to those seeking support, by bravely telling our stories of encounter with a loving God, and by giving understanding and encouragement to any person struggling to trust in God’s love and welcome.

Year-Long Study For Anti-Racist Growth


UpRooting Racism: How White People Can Work for Racial Justice by Paul Kivel

Requires pre-registration

Track A: Individual Introspection- SESSIONS FULL

-Monthly facilitated meetings

-Focus on personal understanding of race/privilege and white racial identity

-Goal: develop a healthy white racial identity that resists white supremacy

Track B: Organization Analysis

-Quarterly facilitated meetings with group-specific breakouts

-Focus on assessing the practices and structure of your organization in light of white supremacy culture

-Goal: equip org. members to advocate for anti-racist reforms within their organization

We are creating a learning community in North Admiral that can deepen relationships enough to ask tough questions and commit to meaningful actions for justice and mercy.

Tell All Tuesdays

First Tuesdays, 7:00PM
at the Fellowship Hall Zoom link

August 3rd: "Before" & "After"?

Often language around becoming a Christian involves some sense of a “before and after” experience.

Our Scriptures use this kind of language as well, yet many of us struggle to identify with it.

We will gather to discuss what trips us up and what might be liberating in this way of thinking for progressive Christians.


Third Tuesdays, 7:00PM
at the Fellowship Hall Zoom link

Come dressed in the monthly theme to be eligible for a cool prize!
August 17: “Day at the Beach”

September 21: “Back to School”

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