Bystander Intervention Workshop

Sunday, September 18 1-4pm

Admiral Church
4320 SW Hill St. West Seattle


This workshop is a ministry of Admiral Church UCC and is rooted in Theatre of the Oppressed (TO), which utilizes theatre games to explore, disrupt, and reformulate power relationships. It is especially useful for Bystander Intervention preparation because it "tries out" various intervention strategies and allows for group processing, reflection, and analysis of both practical outcomes and emotional consequences. TO is inherently uncomfortable, because it plays with oppressive dynamics, and is profoundly liberatory, because it invites the gathered body to find solutions from within.

October 2022 
Women of the Bible for Progressive Christians

Join one of our two small groups as we journey through the stories of prominent women in the New Testament from a progressive Christian lens.


Section A: 9-10am

Section B: 12:30-1:30pm


$10 registration, scholarships available


books available via link below

Although women often play a crucial role in the most significant events in the Bible, they are typically cast as secondary characters who are less important than the male lead. Or they are presented as bit players who aren’t even named. Yet these are strong women and we do an injustice to the biblical narrative and a disservice to ourselves if we gloss over them.


This guide takes an intriguing look at some of the women in the New Testament (a second volume is planned), including Mary the Mother of Jesus, Anna and Elizabeth, Mary and Martha, Thecla and Junmia, the female disciples (including Mary Magdalene) and women who are healed or set free from their burdens – women who helped shape and were shaped by Jesus and the early Christian community.