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Much has been said about the imagery in this brief, dense letter towards the end of the New Testament. The oft-quoted phrase "God is Love" is found uniquely in 1 John, yet much of the letter is difficult to make sense of due to seeming contradictions and improbable binaries. We will be spending two months drinking deeply from the author's complex symbols and teachings, working to liberate the text from our own binary thinking and asking 1 John to call us into greater faithfulness.

April 18, 10:30AM 

Abiding In the Light

1 John 2:1-11

May 2, 10:30AM

Nothing to Prove

1 John 2:24-3:10

May 16, 10:30AM

Knowing God/Knowing Love
1 John 4:1-14

May 30, 10:30AM

Keeping in Touch with Eternal Vitality
1 John 5:11-21

April 25, 10:30AM 

Trusting Our Experiences

1 John 2:12-23

May 9, 10:30AM

Reassuring Our Hearts
1 John 3:11-24

May 23, 10:30AM

Speaking From Experience
1 John 4:15-5:10

April 11, 10:30AM 

The Opposite of Sin Is Repentance, Not Goodness

1 John 1:1-10

[Unfortunately, this service was not recorded. ]