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The Value of "the Basics"

Do you remember a time when you were deep into the weeds on some problem, project, or relationship, and suddenly you had a moment of clarity, thinking “Wow, wait, I am making this WAY too complicated”? When you lost touch with the true nature of what you were doing, and instead started to hyper-focus on little things that were frustrating you? Maybe you are like me, and see this as a habitual pattern in your life rather than an occasional occurrence. Part of why I need my relationship with God is to help me out of this hole I always seem to find myself in.

Seminary training, however, is often not the best help for this; as scholars of Scripture and tradition, we regularly wade into the same weeds, and end up in the same mess. My best help has actually been some of those simplistic “basics” I have picked up over the years. They are Biblical, and they are also personal, not abstract or dogmatic; they respond to my unique personality and weaknesses (just like God does).

This month, we will be looking at selections from the farewell discourse in John’s Gospel and the most frequently quoted piece of Christian Scripture (John 3:16), places were some of these “basics of the faith” can be found. I encourage you to read them before worship each week and ask yourself, “how do these words of Jesus help me get back to basics when I’m lost in the weeds?”

In Peace and With Love,
Pastor Andrew